Monday, February 25, 2008

Whatte fun !

On Feb 23, 2008, Saturday, I was busy with students at my office and my mobile rings. I hear a guy asking if it was I on the line and he was calling from some Movies online booking office and that he had to deliver movie tickets to me. I was like " What the hell ! I haven't booked any tickets online" and ask him to cross check and shut off the mobile.

And then I suddenly wonder if it is some free goodies on the way. I recall having seen an advertisement, flashing, Win free tickets for the movie "Jodhaa Akbar" while reading news on IBNLive News . I had checked if Hyderabad was on the list of cities and entered my name and other details and submitted it.

After an hour I receive a call from the same guy and he asks me for my residential address as he has been asked to deliver two movie tickets. I reach home early at 3.oo pm as I have to take my daughter to a friend's son's Birthday party at ICRISAT, Patancheru which is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The guy who called comes at 3.30 pm and delivers two tickets for the movie " Jodhaa Akbar" for the 5.45 pm show on Sunday, Feb 24, 2008 at Prasads IMAX . The tickets are for the Gold seat worth Rs. 150/- each. I am thrilled !

I inform my husband and mother-in-law and we decide to keep it a secret from my daughter. We hardly go to a theater to watch a movie and whenever we have done so, she accompanies us. Last month we ventured out for a night show on our own after honestly informing her and the amount of verbal bashing she gave us and my MIL is still fresh in our minds. So I and my husband sneaked out on Sunday evening on the pretext of a meeting, as my MIL had agreed to take care of her at home. Sounds like a romantic escapade ! But the day our daughter comes to know of it, she will kill us verbally.

Coming to the movie, I think it was awesome. This was the first time I was watching a movie at Prasads IMAX. The excellent sound quality, huge screen and comfortable seating added to the fun. Ashutosh Gowariker has really done a neat job; Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai have shown their best acting skills. The movie is a" must watch in the theater at least once" kind of a creation. I think it is one of the cleanest movies which gives the message of love and religious tolerance with its historical backdrop. I strongly feel "Jodhaa Akbar" is to be watched and enjoyed and wonder at all the fuss and protests about historical distortions. What is to be gained by burning theaters and banning the movie?