Saturday, October 20, 2012

US Universities Fair 2012 in Hyderabad - Linden Fairs

US Universities Fair -HYDERABAD 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fair Time
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Local Contact
Manjula Harpanahalli
Tel: +91-8008988351 (10 am - 7 pm only)
Location:Taj Krishna,Road No. 1, Banjara Hills,Hyderabad 500034,India

Friday, March 23, 2012


No better day than today, "Ugadi" the new year day for people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh; Gudi Padva for Maharashtrians (I am half-Kannadiga, half-Maharashtrian and living in Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh for the past 27 years), to make a comeback to my world of blogging after 30 months...too long a time! Blame it on Facebook, Twitter & my roller coaster personal and professional life.

Excuses...excuses...excuses... No more. Truly missed being here and was itching to get back.

Life's been full on, with helluva lot of changes. Last year we moved into our new home after all the hectic and tumultuous 2010. Still settling in...

Over these years, some relationships have blossomed because of the unconditional love, help and trust demonstrated by the wonderful people in our lives and a few have turned sour because of some egoistic, slapdash and sardonic people ; I count both as blessings. Sour relationships, I believe is God's way of sieving the coarse unwanted stones, thus saving us from getting hurt further. I think life is precious and can be lead peacefully without complications, but it is this nagging human tendency to create complications and make lives miserable. I am in the process of learning to off load unwanted emotional baggage and take everyday as it comes. "Live and let others live with dignity and command respect, do not demand it" is my favourite maxim for this season.

I am truly blessed to have some fine people in my life who proved to be my spring boards to a productive professional life which keeps my faculties in-tact. I appreciate their presence, the opportunities that came my way and the cocktail experiences; syrupy, tangy and at times bland.

Shared some fine moments with the lovely and dynamic Saina Nehwal. It was in 2009, to be precise August 8th, I met her for the first time, totally in awe of this young achiever. We touch base every day since then and travel together on her endorsement assignments. She is truly a gritty young lady, knows her priorities and is a very focused and dedicated sportsperson. I enjoy her funny chit chats aboard flights and in the vanity vans during her shoots.

My family life has been spunky with my daughter's histrionics and my hubby oscillating between the wifey and his girlie. Adithi is my stress buster, as well as giver, who hates me when I yell at her and wishes to punch me, whispers to her dad that "mom is over reacting, she can't be yelling like this to me", and looks suspiciously at me when I am in my best and pranky moods with her; enjoys it thoroughly and claims she loves me a lot. I kinda buy this statement! She loves our girlie-girlie whispers to tease her dad. My brother Ravi very aptly asks me over our tel cons, "What's the episode like today?", if nothing significant on any given day, then he says "Ok, it's the daily soap".

There is this little hero who is the center of our attention presently. Advait, my 18 month old nephew. Adithi adores him and has to see his snap and kiss it everyday, which her Ravi mama promptly posts on BBM. What a blessing this technology has been! My five year old nephew, Raghav is another live wire, like Adithi and she adores him equally. These two little fellas are truly delightful.

The best about Facebook has been connecting with most of my childhood friends and bonding big time. It has been very emotional as well as exhilarating getting in touch with friends who you went to school with, from LKG to 10th grade; friends from college; family friends...friends...friends. More about them in my next blog. Keep in touch!