Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tough times were never tough because of you...

Dear Mom,

Everyday is mother's day for me!

Your smile, no matter what, warmed me with a feeling of security.  The hardships you faced in your life were full of challenges and constant hurdles, but not once did I see you complain or cry over them. You were always a fighter. Widowed at a very young age, with three kids aged 14, 12 and 8, you took all the adversities in your stride and like a lioness protected your cubs. The whole lifestyle changed from comfort to hardship. But there was not a day when you made us feel of the big loss. Now that I am a wife and a mother, I can very closely relate to what the loss was in your life and shudder at the thought.  

Every moment I spent with you has a wonderful memory attached to it. Those assuring hugs when things were tough at study or work; our on the splurge shopping trips; you cooking me my favourite dishes, such an awesome cook you were; the beautiful dresses you designed and stitched for me forgoing your sleep at night and had to be up early to wind up the household chores and rush to your work place, the school in the locality. Your friendly demeanour attracted people to you. The respect you commanded from your students and parents at school was simply inspiring. The helping nature at times made people take you for a ride but that did not deter you from continuing the good work and you stuck by your values.

You were always that giving and forgiving person. I always wondered what stuff you were made off! 

Challenges seemed to like you a lot. When everything looked settled and happy, with your kids well educated, married, grand kids and life was meant to relax and enjoy, breast cancer came into your life. Any other person would have been shattered, but you took it in your stride. Thus began the torturous surgery followed by a series of chemo and radiotherapy sessions. Hospital became your home, the doctors, nurses and other patients your friends. Again it was your endearing smile that was the bright spot. There was this phase when a tumour in the brain had muddled up your sharp memory. You got names mixed up, forgot many events, and remembered a few in bits and pieces but the smile remained intact. You were this sweet six year old polite kid. It was one of the most difficult times in the life of my siblings and me.  But also some wonderful memories of seeing the sweetest side of you and fighting pain like a true warrior will always remain etched in my mind. You were just 59, it was too early to say good bye but you gracefully drifted away after a two year fight with cancer.

You #MyFirstExpert have taught me to live life,and be a fighter. Thank you mom for every beautiful moment spent with you. I believe you continue to guide me and take care of me from up there, My Shining Star!

Love & hugs,

Your loving daughter.

Note: I thank Godrej Expert for the opportunity to share beautiful memories of my mom #MyFirstExpert. It is my tribute to my super mom!