Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Mom

My mom with her granddaughters - my daughter "Adithi" and my brother's (Nagaraj "Raju") daughter " Gauri" (Stays in Dubai). We visited my mother who lives in Pune with my younger brother Major H. Ravi Ramamurthy, an Army officer and a Paediatrician and his wife Ashwini. My mom was diagnosed with an advanced stage breast cancer in November 2006. I and my brothers were shattered and upset initially, but coped collectively. She is currently undergoing treatment at the Army Command Hospital, Pune.

My mom is a very spiritual, positive, active and brave lady, with tremendous grit and determination. We are praying that she responds to the treatment and recovers. HOPE and PRAYERS along with the right medical treatment can bring in MIRACLES. I presently go by this dictum.

I think CANCER is predominantly in the news with the number of cases increasing drastically over a period of time. Though the technology has improved and many new effective drugs are introduced, the need of the hour is awareness about the disease. It is not a taboo word. I was surprised to note that people are scared to utter the word "CANCER". Please help spread awareness.


Mysorean said...

Yes, she is a very courageous lady! No doubt!

May God Bless Her!

sharada said...

Doubtless an amazing woman! Charming, sensitive and caring, I have had the opportunity of spending quality time with her at her homely residence in Hyderabad. Knowing you pretty well, Manju, I marvel at the silent determination and strength with which Mom has got the family thru' inspite of the speed breakers, and motivated by the boquets, I can imagine. I have had the privilege to know this courageous lady, in however small a way. Needless to say the family is in our prayers everyday. And I appreciate the lives she touches in her unassuming style. I love you 'Mom', your charm and courage has taught me to bash on regardless. Thank you and god bless.

Manjula said...

Thank you Sharada, U have been a great friend to me. I miss your presence in Hyderabad.