Saturday, March 3, 2007

All time favourite – COMICS

I get nostalgic when I see comics. My childhood memories come rushing and I find myself smiling. I remember how fervently my brothers and I would wait every month near the gate for the newspaper boy, who would deliver the comics at home. And it was practically a competition as to who would get their hands on it and be the first one to read it. I will be eternally grateful to my parents for inculcating the habit of reading and subscribing these exquisite and delightful story books, despite financial constrains. We subscribed for Indrajal comics (Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Bahadur), Tinkle, Chandamama, Walt Disney Comics and Wisdom. The more expensive ones like Amar Chitra Katha, Tintin, Archie’s Digest and Richie Rich were a holiday bonanza or special gifts for getting good marks in school.

I still have a collection of those comics, my prized possession; after losing many of them during the borrowing and exchanging program with friends. The oldest of my possessions is probably the Indrajal Comic’s “Tulsida’s Ramacharit Manas” 1974 Edition which came in two parts.

As a kid, I always lived in the dream world of Phantom’s forest or Mandrake’s magic land or in space with Flash Gordon or fighting the dacoits of Chambal valley with Bahadur. I really miss those magical moments. Our games also revolved to a large extent around these wonderful characters – our heroes. I also loved Tinkle, especially the puzzles and General knowledge snippets. In fact, I had sent a few write-ups to Tinkle and received some “kind, sweet and encouraging” regret letters from Uncle Pai. So I never got disappointed.

But, now I wish our kids showed the same enthusiasm about books, than television with its countless cartoon channels, some funny and good and some really intimidating.

Did the “Comics” nostalgia catch up with you? I am sure it did…


Ravi said...

The Mantralaya part got a lump in my throat. Reminiced "those days" we had together. I ahev resolved that I will visit Mantralya as son as possible. Geetha Ramamoorthy

The comics part great, I still look forward to reading the Indrajal comics on a lazy summer afternoon. I stil firmly believe that I wil visit Africa one day and will meet Phantom in his skul cave. Visit Xanadu to swim in Mandrakes pool. Ravi Ramamurthy

Manjula said...

Hey mom, you will surely visit Mantralaya.

Ravi, tell me when you intend to visit Phantom in his skull cave, I'll join you on the adventure!

Prasad said...

Hey Tai,

We (kids) perhaps have grownup reading your comic collection.

Phani Bhauji is looking handsome (as always).


Manjula said...

Comics ! Comics! Brings pleasant memories is'nt it? And Thanks Prasad, I'll pass on your message to Phani.

Manjula said...

Dear Manju,
For the past one week N is also been talking about you people and the influence of comics. Some coincidence.

Suma, it is telepathy I suppose :)

anjalirego said...

I am a journalist and I am working on a story. Do you know about groups that like to read and exchange Phantom and Mandrake comics. These comics were a rage in the 80s and are published even today. currently, vendors tell me that these comics disappear as soon as they land at their shops. There are collectors in Mumbai who have trunkful of these comics and who refuse to let anyone know that they have it. Im trying to locate these loyal fans. Btw, they call themselves Phans. So do u know anyone? Pls reply asap on

Comic Guy said...

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