Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Teachers' Day

As a gesture of respect to the great statesman, teacher, philosopher and a human being, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrisnan's birthday is celebrated as "Teachers' Day" in India. September 5th of every year is a treat day for the teachers in most of the schools here. It is also a day when every teacher needs to reckon their importance, impact and influence they have on their students. A teacher comes next to parents in every student's life. Especially for children, their teacher means the world to them. When a teacher tells something, it is the last, the best and the defining word "Brahma Vakya".

Guru Brahma
Gurur brahmaa gurur vishnuh
gurur devo maheshvarah
gurur saakshaat parabrahma
tasmai shree gurave namah.

Know the Guru to be Brahma himself. He is Vishnu. He is also Shiva. Know Him to be the Supreme Brahman, and offer thy adorations unto that peerless Guru.

A good teacher respects, understands, empathizes and encourages his/her student. And a student in turn trusts, emulates and hero worships the teacher. I remember one of my teachers' with great affection; Mrs. Helena Brown. She was my teacher in Kindergarten at St. Ann's High School, The Hutti Gold Mines, Karnataka. ( I am sure my childhood friends Balakrishna Sarvanan and Bharath remember her too) It was some kind of a good fortune for us students, that she graduated with us till the 3rd grade. I remember telling my parents every year that Brown teacher had also passed the class with us. I owe my foundation in the English language and good hand writing skills to her. I can vividly remember her beautiful handwriting on the black board. She always maintained great dignity and poise. She was strict but also very affectionate. This teachers' day, I warmly remember her and dedicate my sincere gratitude to Mrs. Brown. Wherever she is " God Bless Her" and a big Thank You Teacher.


Anonymous said...

Your mails are always interesting and I look forward to reading your raves & rants on your blog too. Keep up the flow!


Mysorean said...

I have stopped receiving your blog mails. Any idea what's happening?

Btw, it's amazing to know that you remember your kindergarten teachers. I vaguely remember those days at all. Great memory! :)

Kaustubh said...

Children truly hero-worship their teachers. I do remember my father getting pained sometimes arguing with me regarding what some teacher had told :P