Monday, March 17, 2008

Information Galore - 2

Transport Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India - Vehicle registrations in Andhra Pradesh State, India.

It can be done at the Road Transport Authority ( RTA ) on our own, without approaching any Middlemen/Brokers/Dealers for assistance.

A temporary registration for the newly purchased vehicle can be done at E-Seva Centre or RTA located closer to one's residence for Rs. 15/- ; for financed vehicle for Rs. 100/- extra. A Permanent registration requires a fee of Rs. 60/- for two wheeler; Rs.200/- for car.

If any dealer pressurises, call 1074 (Toll Free) or Email to or complain to 9848989874

Courtesy: Advertisement by the Transport Department, Govt of A.P., in the Times of India, Hyderabad Ed, March 2008

Auto Rickshaw Fare Meter Tampering in Hyderabad : Citizens can e-mail their complaints at against auto rickshaw fare meter tampering .

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