Thursday, August 13, 2009

What does SUCCESS mean to you?

I am always baffled when I think about SUCCESS. When I introspect and ask myself, "Am I successful ?"; I find it hard to describe! Because "being successful" is dynamic and situational.

Success can mean different things to different people. I may have name and fame, but no money; I may have name, fame, a fantastic career and money but no good health or personal life; I may have money, great friends and family, but no time to spend with them; I may have none of those mentioned, but I am peaceful.

Presently, I am having a great time at work. But I am suffering a lousy back ache, which is killing me. I am terrified about it and worried. I feel there is nothing like having a fit body and peaceful mind. I crave for it. The day I find them both, should be "Success" for me.

Finishing my morning household chores, seeing my kid off to school on time and reaching office at is "mission accomplished". And getting back home without getting stuck in traffic is "heaven". The routine stuff gives me a feeling of success for that moment.

So again, when I ask myself, Am I successful?...I really don't know.

I request my readers to enlighten me, by telling me "what success means to you". Please folks, be good and answer...see ya.


Saurabh Nyalkalkar said...

I am equally baffled with the idea of what success means.. if there is anything, I wish to live a life so full that this question becomes irrelevant..

Anonymous said...

Hi Manju,

I hit upon this story.

We sat on the swing enjoying the warm summer air, truly without a care in the world. Cody, my 6-year-old nephew laughed, as he swung higher than me. His laugh made me smile.
Afterwards, we went for a walk, looking at the gardens. As we were walking, Cody looked up at me and said, "Today is the best day!" I smiled at him and replied, "Yes, it is a great day."
I then started thinking about what had we done that day? We didn't really do anything special; there was nothing that we did that cost any money. It was a simple day…one where we talked, went for walks, and swung on the swing.
So often, we wait for our "best days" without realizing that "today is our best day". Or we say, "when I get this", or, "if only this", or, "when I have more money, I will", and we forget to live every day, enjoying today.
We should be more like children; they truly live in the moment! They don't need expensive things to make them happy; they don't use the phrase, "if only", or, "when I get this", or, "when I have more money".
There is a saying, "Carpe Diem" which means, "Seize the Day". As we get older, we need to remember this saying and enjoy each and every day. Keep your child like attitude of "living each moment to its fullest"!

- Sridhar Krishnamurthy

Anonymous said...

Good thinking.Success today may not be success tomorrow.Being in good health is a key to success.and to me when a treated patient says he he happy with me and my surgery means success.

Manjula said...

Thanks Saurabh, Sridhar and Bharath for sharing your views.

Anonymous said...

I think being successful is when you have a value system in place; when you follow those values; not get into intrapersonal conflicts; when you are in harmony with yourself; when you resonate with the universe; when you have contentment, when you have satisfaction in a job well done and not merely follow the rules set by others. When you act in consonance , with meaning and purpose.

Success cannot be pursued, nor can happiness be chased. As Frankl said, they can only ensue.

- Lakshmi

Anonymous said...

SUCCESS happens to each one of us each step of the way. It is in the way you see it.

You send your kid to school on time.. you are a success
You reach office on time.. Success
you write a report and submit it on time.. Success again
you went for an interview... that is success to some
you went for that interview and got the job.. that is success to others
you went for that interview.. got that job.. and that was exactly what you always wanted.. SUCCESS

Depends on what you are looking at,.,.. if you look at each single step as a successful step.. there are millions of such successful steps all along the way.. just dont miss the trees for the woods (to flip a proverb).

My tuppence worth

Manjula said...

Thanks Lakshmi and Tanuja for your valuable insight on "success".

Sujay said...

I'd pull out from my poem..which kind of sums up the fact that..if my existence makes a difference for me and the people I come in contact with..that is success..

"True success is
To make a difference
Not just in our lives
But in others’ as well"

Manjula said...

So very true Sujay.

Anonymous said...

I endorse Lakshmi,s opinion. well said!

gwl said...

Nice post..