Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hammock Shopping 2030 – The future of Shopping!!!

Imagine lazing on your hammock, sipping hot coffee, relaxing holiday, reading a romantic novel and ... your mobile rings, ripples your state of serenity. Hello! There you hear the familiar baritone, the voice that made you skip a heartbeat, once again. That’s your childhood sweetheart calling you from nowhere, and a loud cheering fills the ear. The ‘Gang’ is all there, just cannot believe your ears. Your childhood friends have connected with you and are all set to pick you up in the evening for a gala get-together to reminisce the old days and celebrate the reunion! It’s a pleasant surprise for you.

You are just not in a mood to lift your butt and drive around miles looking for that “Special Apparel”; but first of all –What is it that you want to wear and look stunning to your friends? Viola! ‘Yours Only’, the friendly app which can be used on a laptop and a mobile; is your buddy, stylist & shopper; the all-in-one wonder is in your hands and at your command.

You activate the app on your mobile and use your voice command to specify your requirements, size and your budget, for the special evening wear and within seconds you have a set of apparel with suitable accessories presented with the price tag for your review.  The awesome stuff spread out for your selection makes you elated and satisfied.

You take your pick, pay and the online shop promises to deliver your stuff within two hours and you go back to reading your novel and keep relaxing.  
As promised, your shopping bag is dropped at your doorstep and just not the stuff, but a personnel from the service provider accompanies with some variant sizes, to make sure you get your best fit. A very personalized and professional service indeed!

Thud... I just fell from the hammock. Hey, was I dreaming? Yep, but I think online shopping is just about fun and immensely convenient even today. As I imagine about the future of online shopping, I am browsing for a book ‘House of Cards’ by Sudha Murthy and a 16 GB pen drive and my EBay Check, the official Google Chrome extension from EBay  India gives me the best price on I just compared the prices on other online shopping sites and found it to be the lowest here. I shopped at and my book and pen drive was delivered in two days time at my doorstep. For real, no day dreaming here.

I am a shopaholic and I do strongly believe in retail therapy. So Happy Shopping 24X7! J


Ragini Puri said...

Hammock shopping, wow! Wish it becomes reality soon! :D

Anita Sabat said...

Really nice, Manjula!
I have a smile on my face reading your cool Post!
Hope you didn't get hurt when you fell off the hammock! :)
Hammock Shopping is so convenient! And the personalized delivery is awesome!
Congrats for your win! :)