Monday, September 15, 2014

Dubai Metro - My Photo Contribution to Gulf News published!!!

I am in total awe of the Dubai Metro! So when I read that Dubai Metro was celebrating its 5th Anniversary, and Gulf News on its various social media platforms was inviting people to share their experiences and snap shots of the Dubai Metro, I enthusiastically shared my views and snaps of the Metro, I took during my trip to Dubai this May.

"I love Dubai Metro!!!

Way back in 2007,  during my visit to Dubai, I witnessed the ongoing construction work of the Dubai Metro, more closely near Burjuman. And on my next visit which was this year 2014, I was simply in awe of the Dubai Metro. The fabulous and well maintained Metro Stations and the Metro, the precision, the information kiosk, hassle free rides was thoroughly enjoyable. It was such a pleasure to be independent and confident  travelling as a tourist, with such ease. The umpteen rides to the various shopping malls, my teenage daughter and I took on the Dubai Metro was fun time together.

Not to forget the time and energy saved travelling by Dubai Metro!"

And Gulf News posted the snap on their Instagram handle @gulfnews

The #Dubai Metro is likely to reach #AlWarqa’a if a recent proposal that is currently being studied by the Roads and Transport Authority (#RTA) is approved. Read the full report on Photograph by Manjula H., a #GulfNews reader based in Hyderabad, India.

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