Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blame Game

It has been a month since the media has been talking about the death of British teenager Scarlett Eden Keeling in Goa, India. She was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Anjuna beach, Goa on February 18, 2008. She is believed to have been drugged, raped and left to die in the shallow water on the beach by a bartender, Samson D' Souza and an alleged drug dealer, Placido Carvalho. Pictures of Scarlett's mother, Fiona MacKeown, driving to the police station, giving interviews and panel discussions on the subject are aired everyday on television and articles on the same are published everyday in the newspapers.

Ironically, the whole circus is leading nowhere to the actual situation on hands, but to mud slinging and blame game amongst the Goa police, Government of Goa and Fiona MacKeown; peppered with our hounding media and its reports. The issues raised are about Fiona MacKeown's personal background and her irresponsible parenting of nine offsprings , fathered by five different men in her life; the flourishing drug trade and drug mafia in the coastal state of Goa; the Goa police being charged with cover up and what not!

I wonder what torture, pain and helplessness, the young teenager, Scarlett must have undergone in the last tormenting moment in her life. Why are we not able to pin down and punish Samson D'Souza and Placido Carvalho who committed the heinous crime. I also wonder about the plight of the parents of these two irresponsible, wretched living beings and also about their parenting pattern. Every other day we hear about females being molested in India with age and nationality, no bar. As citizens of this country and living in this society, are we not responsible to counter the situation by voicing our concerns and force the authorities to take immediate action and be more sensitive and accountable to such issues. The media has the power to drive and derive justice to the victims, as it has done in some cases. It needs to take up this mission to create more awareness amongst the citizens about their rights and stimulate confidence to join hands and crusade against the evils of this society.


Unknown said...

There are no doubts about the crime and the punishments for the criminals. But before the press has labelled Goa as the most dangerous place on Earth, tell me the name of one place on earth where one can leave their 15 yr old daughter with strangers and feel safe????

Manjula said...

Very can't blame a place.

praneshachar said...

it is also true todays youth are also responsible for such things in the name of freedom they move with everyone known unknown good bad without knowing the consequences which will happen once and it may a big blow in the life of a girl.
women lib does not mean free soceity
you must fight for education,equality,respect, equal opportunity etc., etc., and not by simply socialiging with everyone and in teenage without knowing the ocnsequences and then suffering.
so brought up culture plays a very important role. but we feel so bad to see lot of girls in our country now smoke dring as a social status without understanding our systems values and ethics.making friends is good but going beyond that and indulging in acts which are good is bad.
it is high time youth of today realise this and awake accordingly