Friday, July 18, 2008

Dark and Dry Hyderabad

We Hyderabadis, are facing an extended summer this year. The weather is hot and humid and is getting on to my nerves; a fresh bout of heat prickles are on. Adding to our already existing woes are the power cuts and acute shortage of drinking water. There is a four hours' scheduled power cut and many hours of unscheduled power cuts. We are provided drinking water by the municipality, once a week, for one hour ( at least in the residential area where I live) .

Everyday, I religiously carry my umbrella, hoping it will rain. So the other day, I decided not to carry it, with the anticipation that it will rain at least that day. Some superstition ! And believe me it drizzled for 5 minutes that evening, in the locality where my office is situated. Well ! it only added to the already existing humidity. Whenever it gets cloudy, my optimism rises and fizzles out when I don't see a drop of water falling from the sky. Anyway I am back to carrying my umbrella - rain or no rain.

I am praying hard for the rain God to have mercy on us. Every drop of water is precious. Please do not waste water.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula,

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to share something to your resourceful blog....

I thought i will take liberty of forwarding an insightful deck that shows the importance of saving water to this blog. It is deck with a powerful message, which i would want each one of you share with your kids (before that do practice the same). I did spend half an hour explaining my 6 year old ankith and what he remembers from this is that if he wastes water he is going to get will understand why i am saying that if you go through this deck.

Save every drop of water going down the drain.

Cheers and have a great weekend,


Manjula said...

Thank you Sridhar. In fact you had e-mailed me the deck earlier and it is indeed a powerful presentation.

Kaustubh said...

Hi Tai,

Yes, I've heard that its only been pretending to rain in Hyderabad. However, it has been raining in the surrounding places, I hear - so at least that's good. Maybe this lesser rain is in compensation for the extra rain that we'd received in the past few years?


Srikanth Perinkulam said...

It isn't raining here in Pune either! :-(
Guess we'll have to get used to the Mallu style of carrying an Umbrella. Sun or Rain, they have it in their hand :-)