Friday, August 29, 2008

My Child's Concern

A couple of days back, I suffered a bout of tummy upset and ended up spending a night moaning and groaning in pain. My daughter came to bed after viewing "Ramayan" on the NDTV Imagine Channel. She laid down silently beside me for some time and suddenly I found her tender hands on my brows stroking gently. I was like "wow" my baby feels for me, and then she whispered in my ears , " Mom, will you be OK for my Birthday" . And I burst into laughter, forgetting the pain for a moment, as her birthday is another 12 days away. I said, of course Sweetie, I'll be fine tomorrow. Don't worry!

Well, each one of us have our priorities , isn't it? For a child, Birthday is the ultimate, important day ( for some adults too). The idea of wearing a new colour dress, distributing chocolates in school, party at home, cake and gifts make them excited. It is something that will remain etched in their memories. We as parents, try as much as possible to meet their expectations and make them happy. But sometimes their excitement does get on to the nerves, when every waking moment, a month in advance starts with , "will you do this and that...?"

A few months back, my daughter wanted a quite birthday this year, with the family dining out in a hotel of her choice and of course, cake cutting in the hotel with the Happy Birthday song playing in the background. I was very pleased with her idea, because every year, we had a grand get together for her friends, family friends and family, with cake and clothes of her choice. Though fun, it also meant a back and nerve wrecking week for me and my husband.

But her idea has now taken a twist. She tells me, we should have a grand party like we did on her previous birthdays. And her list of do s is going on and on ... Well, I am listening and what we will ultimately do to celebrate her birthday is left to guessing, including me.


Kaustubh said...

Hahaha. Yeah...each one of us has our priorities.
By the way, I think the twist in the birthday plans might be because she might be trying to play it safe by having at least as much fun as last time - and not having to regret and wait for the next birthday for a whole one year, if the new way of spending birthday doesn't turn out to be as much fun. At least, that's what I would think.
What say you?

Anonymous said...

Found you from Mysorean! Nice blog :) And nice knowing about your daughter. I was like that even a few years back! I think birthdays forma very important part of a child's life!

Manjula said...

Kaustubh, I think your are right.
Neveditha, Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

hey manju, let us know the date too so that we can also trouble you by joining aditi.