Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Information Galore - 8

Hyderabad & Cyberabad City Police

Hyderabad City Police Our City Our Life Our Safety (http://www.hyderabadpolice.gov.in) is the official Website of Hyderabad Police which was launched yesterday i.e September 29, 2008. It is indeed a very informative and educative website which provides vast information on law and order, crime, traffic, emergency services, Cyber frauds, etc.

The Find Your Police Station, Women's Corner, How Do I and Check Yourself, Permissions & Licences sections on the website are people friendly, as they provide information on "How to report Crime, How to get a Voter's ID, How to get Birth Certificate or Death Certificate, How to obtain permission for public meetings , rallies, dharnas, Arms license etc" ; Helplines to report Domestic Violence, Dowry Harassment, Eve Teasing; and the facility to check the status of Passport verification is fantastic.

A similar website was launched earlier by the Cyberabad Metropolitan Police Partnering for a Safe Community ( http://cyberabadpolice.gov.in) which has all the above mentioned information and is useful for the citizens who come under the Cyberabad Police Jurisdiction, covering Ranga Reddy District.

I hope, the kind of friendly assistance provided by our Police Force on the Website is rigorously implemented in real life situations, thus eliminating fear about the Police, from the law abiding citizen's mind. And let's generate fear in the minds of the culprits and terrorists, by showing then the combined strength of the Police and Public.

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Kaustubh said...

From what you say, it really seems interesting. Truly the workings of a police station are all shrouded in mystery for me - and hence, by extrapolation, for other people as well. So, such a site should prove very informative.

I'll have to check it out some time.