Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tribute to Mom

Our beloved mother Smt. Geetha Ramamoorthy, w/o Late Shri. H. Ramamoorthy, passed away peacefully at 6.00 am on Oct 2, 2008, Thursday at Army Command Hospital, Kolkata. A lady of tremendous courage, positive attitude, very spiritual and immensely beautiful and talented. She finally gave up her two years of fight against breast cancer on Gandhi Jayanthi day. She was a wonderful human being who has touched many lives in her own little way. She led her life with great dignity having lost her husband at an young age and raised three children, a daughter and two sons. We, her children are fortunate to have her as our mother and are very proud of her.

Though she is no longer with us in body, her soul and spirit continues to exist with us. She always told us that her childhood aspiration was to become a soldier or a doctor and serve humanity. And interestingly her youngest son, is a pediatrician in the Indian Armed Forces - A doctor and a soldier. She received the best treatment at the Army Command Hospitals, Pune and Kolkata respectively. She lived a dignified life and received a
farewell befitting the proud mother of a Soldier.

I thank my family members, relatives, friends and my brother's colleagues at the Army Command Hospital, Kolkata, who have been very supportive and helpful.


Saurabh Nyalkalkar said...

For the beautiful person that she was, for all the pujas and vratas she did with steadfastness.. and so taught us how to be steady... for the good teacher that she was.. my dear Maina Attya..May her soul rest in peace...

Although not a shock, given her detriorating health, It is difficult for me to accept that she will no longer be there.. I guess it will take some time afterall.. may her devas grant her a special place in the heavens.. and grant us the strength to cope with the loss..

With Love,

Kadalabal said...

accept my heartfelt condolences on the bereavement to all members of your family. may god give you all the strength to withstand the loss and may the noble sour rest in peace
one small query
Is Mr. Ramamurthy your father was working in Hatti Gold MInes? If so I had met your family in Hatti and had spent time in the house of theirs

will you reply on my mail id

Anonymous said...


Kumble Chandrakanth

Manjula said...

Thanks Saurabh & Badri.

Kadalabal: Sir, Yes my dad worked in Hutti Gold Mines. Do please provide your E-mail ID. I would definitely get in touch. Thank you for your condolences.

Anonymous said...

Hello Manju,Raju and Ravi,

I express my deepest condolences on the demise of Ramamurthy Aunty.I know all of you from a closer angle although time and tide has drifted us apart.Having lost Dad at a young age i know very well what all of you have gone through and salute you all for what you are today.I cannot imagine what kind of hardwork, perseverance and hardship Aunty has gone through.You have made her proud and may her soul rest in peace.Daddy joins me in expressing condolences.Keep in touch.

Bharath Kadadi

Anonymous said...

With great grief and sadness, I convey my condolences. Ever since I remember, Mami had always been a beacon of courage, strength, positive attitude and the unmatched ability to relate to everybody. No matter how old I was, I always recall how she showered attention and affection all the time. All through the night, I had images of Amma and Mami conversing and retracing the past. It is impossible to get over and the void always remains. My profound respects to Mami, and pray that destiny imparts courage for you,Raja,Ravi and all family members to withstand this deep sorrow.


Kadalabal said...

my email id is

I have visited your house in hutti gold mines and remeber both your father and mother. yes I was also knowing about your fathers sad demise and then your moving to hyderabad.
nimma ammna kaina habbada oota indigu nenapide. habba yavude antha nenapilla more in mail
my sister jalaja gangur and brother in law were very close to your family
waiting for your mail

Anonymous said...

Our sincere condolences on this sad event.Our prayers are with all of you (Raju & Ravi).
May God rest her soul in peace.


Manjula said...

Thanks Pankaj.

Aparna said...

Dear Manju,
I and my husband express our deepest condolences to u.I was not aware of it till recently.It is hard to know that aunty is no more.The last i saw her was when we went to visit Nagraj at his karama house in Dubai.She very affectionately prepared delicious food for us.She served us with hot chapatis,srikhand,brinjal curry etc.
May God you enough strength to overcome this.
She is a wonderful humanbeing and a very beautiful person.


Manjula said...

Thanks Aparna. How are you? Long time...