Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding Love...The Platinum Way!

I gaze at the stars every night, standing on the patio of my parent’s house and feel the cool breeze brush my face. The still chill in the air brings a shudder and I sense a pair of eyes watching me. I glance around, but see none. My heart feels hollow and my mind makes a conversation – “What is this emptiness I feel?”

I lead an active life professionally and socially. My parents are the best, having given me, their only child, all their love and unconditional support in all that I wanted to do and have in life. I have some wonderful friends who care for me and are fun to be around. My work gives me solace and is my spiritual journey.

I work to share my love, affection, knowledge and to uplift the lives of young girls who have no home or family to call their own. I lead a privileged life and want the same for my fellow human beings. My parents supported my decision of quitting the high profile corporate world in my pursuit for a more meaningful completely satisfying occupation that I love to breathe in and out daily. I think this is my Karma!

But then, what is this ‘heart’ yearning for? What is this ‘emptiness’, I feel? My thoughts overpower me for a split second as I cross the main road to reach my work place and in a jiffy I feel a strong grip on my arm which pulls me so roughly, that I am consumed by anger, followed immediately by a gripping panic. I am alive, having just missed being run over by the speeding city bus!

And suddenly a sense of warmth creeps into me as I look around to find myself in the strong arms of a handsome man. Is this the ‘Platinum Day of Love’!!! His piercing brown eyes look familiar and I can sense anger and concern in them. I am oblivious of the crowd gathered around me.

With a jolt, I recover from my moment of clustered emotions, straighten myself, pluck his grasping hand off my arm, murmur ‘thanks’ and run across the road to my everyday destination, my work place.

I enter my office in a daze, gulp down a glass of cold water and look for my mobile to call my close buddy and share with her my eventful journey to work. Oh No! My mobile’s missing and I remember to have dropped it on the road during the highly tumultuous moment of my life.

Just as I get up still shaking from the day’s event, to ask an office staff to go and look for it; I see my messiah of the day or should I say my life walk into the office with my mobile in hand. He gives me a big smile and hands over the mobile and I feel his finger slightly brush my hand. And suddenly the ‘emptiness’ in filled with some weird ‘heaviness’.  I say to myself, what the hell is this?

Oh my God! I recognise those eyes. He is that shy boy, my neighbourhood best friend when I was a 6 year old. I remember howling for days, when he moved from the city with his parents as I had lost my best friend and play mate. I asked him was he the same childhood buddy and the way he laughed and hugged me acknowledging the fact is something I cannot forget ever in my lifetime...

Love is in the air, the stars are shining brighter, the heart is full of joy and both of us coincidentally have chosen Platinum Love Bands to bind us in togetherness! Yes, platinum for its purity, rarity and preciousness, just like pure love’.

I am remembered of a quote by Robert Frost - "In three words I can sum up everything, I've learned about of life: it goes on... " Love for eternity...The Platinum Way!

* A rare confession:  This is a pure(ly) imaginative narrative by a hopeless romantic, i.e ME for the IndiBlogger Contest  - Platinum Day of Love


Anonymous said...

Good one. Stay Young and keep loving
Regards - Giridhar Krishnamurthy

Khushboo said...

Hope you find your Platinum Day of love soon Manjula. Tab tak all the best for the contest :)

Aditi said...

Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
please read my post too