Monday, December 2, 2013

My Childhood Confederate & Cherished Memories ... Soft, Gentle and Pure like a Dove!

I jog through my childhood memories at the age of five, remember this little fella, two years younger, looked exactly like Pee Wee (the cute friend of Richie Rich)  and  followed me everywhere. 

I still fail to comprehend my adventurous streak at that age, it baffles me no end whenever I think about the shenanigans initiated by me and very diligently followed by Pee Wee – my younger sibling!

Pee Wee was the central character to all my experiments, most of the memorable ones are at our Mom’s dressing table.  The long mirror, the attached side tables with drawers appeared like a magnificent throne. My little Prince Pee Wee (read guinea pig) seated on the throne, all geared up for the grand game to begin. The contents of the drawer, my mom’s prized possessions, lured me to pick and cajole them with my artistic hands – a box of compact face powder, talcum powder, kaajal, lip stick, cold cream, bottle of liquid red kumkum & nail polish. Oh!  What a treasure, waiting just for me - Their Saviour.

I begin with the compact face powder, followed by all other ingredients that give Pee Wee; the killer looks (really frightening, I should say). Very satisfied with my artistic outcome on Pee Wee, I do the same to my sweet and soft face. Our artistic endeavour is highly visible on the dressing table, mirror and the floor. The colour riot beckons.

Mommy dearest is busy cooking in the kitchen, with intervallic voice call to check on our normal existence . Whenever there is pin drop silence, it is a obvious danger pointer.  She swiftly sprints in search of the little angels (actually read devils) and find us, the dancing duo skating on the rink of talcum powder with a pair of socks adorning those nimble feet. The horror is apparent on mom’s pretty face.  The riot of colours on the faces and surroundings instigate unexplained emotions in Mommy. 

Now, the memories bring tears with all the laughing at those nostalgic and crazy moments.

My love for experimenting stayed intact through my growing years. It graduated from gaudy colours to genuine skin care. I began using only Besan (Chick Pea Flour) on my face to prevent the wear and tear of skin caused by the regular toilet soaps. I vividly remember the launch of Dove, the soap with moisturizing cream way back in 1990’s when I was in college. The premium product was very enticing; the price frightfully expensive. But my mind was set on experimenting Dove and #DoveFaceTest. 

I earned my pocket money imparting tuition to neighbourhood kids and my mom permitted my splurge understanding its true value; and here I am hooked to Dove for life!

Dove was an indulgence then, very carefully used and guarded. My Pee Wee was also not allowed to touch it and was permitted once in a while to use it only on his face (budgetary constraints, you see) ; moments when my soft and gentle emotions were afloat.

Dove today is my  necessity and a legacy, that I have passed on to my daughter. Now, my Pee Wee is a Big Man (wise from all the childhood histrionics) and lives in UAE. Being my childhood confederate, he knows my Dove obsession and hence by default, it is a part and parcel of the goodies bag I get from UAE. More like a loving gift from my Mayaka (Parents Home). Seriously, I mean it!

* My Dove Story for IndiBlogger Contest "Dove Guessing game with my friend",  is a true account of my childhood experiences and Dove is indeed my everyday necessity, the narrative shared on Dove is 100% true.

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