Sunday, December 15, 2013

We Time ... A Lunch Date with My Beloved

I am a sucker for contests! Especially where some scope for creative writing is involved. This is a childhood fancy carried into adulthood. In the process I have won quite a few goodies ranging from Stickers, Chicklet packets, pens, cinema tickets, gift vouchers and very recently "We Time" from TVS Wego.

It just happened on Diwali eve while browsing the Facebook page,  I hit upon the Diwali We Time Moment Contest on the TVS Wego FB Page. It said -Tell us how you would surprise your loved one this Diwali. The most creative and romantic idea wins!

Here is what I wrote in a jiffy that evening when  my creative juices were overflowing...

Close your eyes! I say to my beloved...hold his hands gently and lead him up the stairway. A whiff of cool  breeze and a sweet fragrance lovingly touches my beloved's face and I see a faint smile appear and feel his grip tighten my hand, sensing the warmth and some element of surprise... we step on to the patio and I ask him to open his eyes...Surprise!Surprise! his astonished face looks like a colourful sparkler. Amidst all the lovely lit candles and roses, he sees his bunch of school buddies standing quietly, suppressing their laughter on seeing his amazed expression and go screaming and cheering loudly, which easily overpowers the noise of the crackers booming in the surroundings! This is what I have imagined as my romantic gesture, a memorable evening for my MAN, my BELOVED! #TVSWEGO #DIWALICONTEST #ENTRY

I was somehow sure of emerging a winner (cheeky, right?) but was hoping the prize will be a TVS Wego to ride on for an all time We Time!
Anyway as expected, I emerged one of the six winners announced and the prize was a We Time lunch or dinner at The Marriott, Hyderabad. A tad bit disappointing but nonetheless an exclusive "We Time"  in our busy ho hum lives looked good enough. 

I informed my choice of date and time to TVS Wego and they promptly booked a table for two at The Marriott, Hyderabad for my lunch date with my beloved, my hubby. 

The Marriott, Hyderabad is not new to us, but the exclusive date made it special. The staff at Okra, The Marriott were very gracious. They had a special menu for us. 

We are vegetarians and were leisurely served  a course of Sparkling Wine ( both don't drink), Tomato Soup (Roasted tomato, mars Capone, focaccia crostini), Chef's Salad (Red Apple, assorted lettuce, micro greens with ginger honey dressing), Pasta Spaghetti (Aubergine, feta, confit tomatoes and pine nuts) and last but not the least my favourite part of the meal, The Dessert (Blue Berry Cheese Cake, bowl of fruits, a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup).  

The Chef personally came over to our table to inquire on the food, which I thought was a nice gesture.

Our two hours of leisure We Time together over food was pleasant, thanks to TVS Wego and The Marriott!


Shilpi Dutta said...

A nice "we time" spent...Nothing better than spending quality time with ur beloved..Time is the most precious thing one can give to the dear ones :-) Nice pics, great write up!

Manjula said...

Thanks Shilpi.