Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Radiant Sun...Silk...Shine to Recharge my Life!

Source:The Hindu
The road...more travelled, the journey unforgettable, the cacophony unavoidable, the air non-breathable and the destination inevitable – my work place! This sums up my everyday saga in life.

The morning rush hours, the craters ridden dusty roads of my city, the mad traffic jams are a every day nightmare.  To top it all is my old sentimental scooter which bears the brunt everyday and helplessly passes on the same to my bones and nerves. 

The rattled and tattled me, en route to work every day and back home on the faithful oldie is indeed, an ordeal.  The ride is no less adventurous, than the Dune Bashing, Roller Coaster Rides or Mud Car Racing.

But hey, once I reach my work place and toss off my scarf and shake my stiff head and stiffer shoulder, the soft lovely touch of my shining tresses bring the spring back into my steps. I straighten myself and stride confidently into the office space.  I feel like I have just stepped out from a chauffeur driven car, directly from the top salon in town.

My hair is strong like the Knight in Shining Armour, gives me that extra edge to hold my own, in spite of the drudgery I face, every day. The healthy shine and lovely fragrance of Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo  on my hair makes my day productive, and my mood as radiant as my hair, at its super best, all day long.

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Shampoo is a part and parcel of my essentials and I recharge my hair with it, to keep that enviable bounce and shine in my life.  The Sunsilk Radiant Shine; now and always, to look and feel my elegant best and geared to face any challenges in life with √©lan!

 * The Radiant Sun...Silk...Shine to Recharge my Life is a true narrative of my daily ordeal, commuting the roads of Hyderabad, written exclusively  for IndiBlogger Contest "Recharge your hair Recharge your Life .

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