Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back with a bang!!!

Wall Art

Last month was my "Arty-crafty" time. My husband was breathing "FIFA World Cup 2014" and I was letting my creativity flow. Targeted the walls of my house, my canvas!

I really enjoyed dabbling with Asian Paints. The whole process was more a spiritual journey, enjoying my solitude, imagination woven with colours, totally at peace within and feelings of joy. 

My daughter was surprised to see my passion and wanted me to take it easy. She was more worried about my back pain. I think pain takes a backstage temporarily when indulged in passionate pursuits. 

My 7 year nephew Raghav, a creative child, wanted one of my old paintings.  And I  told him, art doesn't come free and it is important to respect an artist, blah blah blah... with the intention that he understands the importance of art and pursues it seriously. Raghav gave me an intent look and immediately called his dad, my brother and told him to make the payment from his pocket money so that he can carry the painting back home. My niece, Raghav's elder sister also liked one of them and expressed her desire to take it. 

Raghav, paused for a minute after striking the deal and said,  but I think you should consider "Buy one, Get one free".  I am yet to get over this deal :)

The balcony of our abode. Mornings I see a couple of sparrows come closer to the painted flowers and fly away.

My daughter's room brightened with the lovely Sunflowers

Threshold - Welcome home :)

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Lakshmi said...

Super walls Manju! They are so cheery and bright, I am cheered up just looking at them :)

Hope to see more bright art...

And I love the "deal" :)