Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blast from the past!

Rummaging through the "Hidden Treasure"; my late mom's belongings locked up for over two decades, my sister-in-law and brother picked up a neatly packed huge packet and said, these are yours. And to my pleasant surprise and immense pride, I found my "works of art", nothing original, but my genuine effort and love for painting. I have some creative side to me, the gene thing, you bet, my creative mom! I  have never ever had any formal training in painting and now feel a deep urge to pursue professional learning in this form of art.

My temporarily faded memory, suddenly became alert and I reminisced  that most of  the work was done during my undergraduate study years at Nizams College, Hyderabad. I also recalled that I had displayed them during the  "Art Exhibition"  organised as part of the Nizam College centennial celebrations.  

Now as I look at them again and again, I yearn those carefree days when time was at my disposal, with limited multitasking roles in life. And also wonder, was it I who actually  produced them ! Anyway there is a magical nostalgic feeling around me and I am loving it.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I've seen the one with the horse galloping before. Also, there was this other painting/sketch depicting various moods - I feel like I've seen that one in your current house, or have I?


Anonymous said...

Manju,go get an easel and canvas and let a new world bloom.
-kumble chandrakanth

Hi Manju,
Being your primary, middle and high school classmate , i discovered your talent today.Kudos and keep it up
Bharath K Kadadi

Wonderful paintings! Wow- you need to keep on painting!