Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter to my Father

Dear Papa, 

It is 30 years since you left us. Your face is in a haze, but memories of you still remain etched in our minds and hearts; your love for us, your emphasis on being honest, sincere, disciplined, and righteous; the importance of education, the pursuit for excellence, knowledge and curiosity to learn new things. With every new technological development that breaks out nowadays and the latest gadgets that rule our lives, I wonder how excited you would be! We your children have tried our best to some extent, imbibe the principles you believed and practiced in your short lifetime. I believe, we do make you proud. I again wonder with a smile on my face, what your feelings and reactions would be to see the antics of your grand children. We love you and miss you. Happy father’s day! 

PS: My daughter today asked me – “Do you remember your Dad?”; “Do you miss your Dad?”

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