Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Be Inspired - People I Know - 1

Presto! A thought triggered in my mind, about so many people- friends, family, acquaintances I know, and most of them are doing some extraordinarily good work. And this is my applaud in acknowledgement of the talent, effort, dedication and passion displayed by these terrific human beings.

The first to go on my "Be Inspired" People Series is Abhishek Bhaskar - The Beatboxer

I met Abhishek a month ago in Bengaluru with regard to a CSR event I was conducting for Herbalife India, a direct selling MNC dealing mainly with Nutritional & Health Products. Herbalife has been very supportive of Sports Persons and Sporting activities all over the world. 

We needed an Emcee and my specifications were for an energetic, lively and communicative youngster best suited for the event.   

A day before the event, I met Emcee Abhishek, a polite, well mannered, intelligent 18 year old waiting patiently at the office to be briefed on the next day's proceedings. He was very quick to grasp the requirements and looked confident to deliver his best. Meeting him reduced half of my stress, giving me the confidence that he will manage the show with aplomb. 

We already had some fun and meaningful activities lined up for the Herbalife Founder's Day event, which was celebrated as Herbalife Kids' Day with the Guest of Honour,  Paralympian Silver Medalist  H. Girisha, Herbalife Brand Ambassador. 

Abhishek gave some interesting inputs about some Ice-Breakers and activities that he would add and engage the participants (Herbalife employees, Special kids from Shraddhanjali Integrated School and Kids from Smile Foundation). I was very pleased with his display of enthusiasm.

In the process of our conversation Abhishek told me that he is studying Architecture, and he is a Beatboxing artist and CEO & Founder of a company called "Voice Box Productions".

I carefully listened to him and finally expressed my ignorance on "Beatbox", I found it very amusing and was eager to educate myself on this new form of talent.

Abhishek demonstrated his Beatboxing skills and explained as follows, " Beatboxing is the art of producing the sounds of musical instruments through one's mouth and nostrils. It involves the imitation of Turntablism, Singing, Horns, etc".  

Well, I realised that I did know about this art but was ignorant about the name of this art form- Beatbox.

Abhishek is involved in conducting Beatbox workshops for Corporate and Students. It is indeed a stress buster exercise. He is busy performing this art form, Emceeing, studying to be an Architect; to sum it all multitasking very efficiently. In his own words, he says "I'm living the LIFE".

Abhishek deserves a loud Beatbox cheering - KUDOS!!!

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